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《1624》Open-Air Taiwanese Opera Musical

Performance Title: "1624" - The Starting Point of Taiwan's Encounter with the World


Location: Front Plaza of Tainan (Next to Tainan High-Speed Rail Station)


Performance Schedule:

2/24 20:00-22:00

2/25 19:30-21:30


Program Introduction:

"1624" is a large-scale open-air Taiwanese opera musical meticulously planned by the Ministry of Culture and organized by the National Center for Traditional Arts. The event will have its premiere during the 2024 Lantern Festival in Tainan. Inspired by Taiwan's rich historical tapestry, the show features the participation of 13 performance teams nationwide and involves 21 prominent actors. Notably, this marks the inaugural outdoor performance where two distinguished opera artists, Tang Mei-yun and Sun Tsui-feng, collaborate, employing Taiwanese opera as a medium to recount Taiwan's narrative and deliver a performance with international acclaim. We invite people from around the world to transcend time and space, and partake in this captivating and momentous journey through the centuries.

In the year 1624 AD, the year Koxinga (Zheng Chenggong) was born, the Dutch occupied Taiwan and built Fort Zeelandia, propelling Taiwan to the world stage.

In the context of East Asia's maritime history, this small island played a crucial strategic role. The Siraya indigenous people were well-established in Taiwan, and individuals from diverse backgrounds—Han Chinese, Europeans, and Japanese—congregated in the Taiwan Strait, giving rise to a multifaceted maritime trade network. Whales and dolphins create waves, and the sea becomes a hunting ground. All forces strive for survival in the tide of destiny! In the pursuit of survival, alliances can shift from one moment to the next, with erstwhile allies turning into adversaries. Rise and fall, intrigue and deception characterize an era where opportunities and crises coexist. In such a grand epoch, heroes strive to be masters of their own destiny.


[Diamond-level Production Team]


Li Hsiao-ping



Shih Ju-fang, Tsai I-hsuan


Leading Cast:

Sun Tsui-feng, Tang Mei-yun, Little Mi, Hsu Hsiu-nien, Wang Hai-ling, Chen Chao-hsiang, Kuo Chun-mei, Chang Meng-i, Ku I-fan, Mi Hsueh, Tsou Tzu-ai, Huang Yu-lin, Sun Shih-pei, Sun Shih-yung, Sun Shih-wen, Liu Chien-hua, Sun Kai-lin, Wu I-hsuan, Chen Chao-ting, Lo Yü-tsang, Chou Chun-peng


Performing Team:

Yishin Theater Troupe, Shiu-Kim Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Ming Hua Yuan Tian Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Cultural Group, Chun Mei Opera Troupe, Tang Mei-yun Opera Troupe, Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra, GuoGuang Opera Troupe, Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company, Shintrun Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Ying Yi Opera Troupe, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Kaohsiung Municipal Tsoying Senior High School Dance Troupe


Music Design:

Chou Yi-chien


Musical Arrangement Design:

Chen Hsin-han


Orchestration Composition:

Kuo Chen-yu


Lighting Design:

Che Ko-chien


Video Design:

Wang I-sheng


Stage Design:

Chen Hui


Costume Design:

Chiu Sheng-feng


Audio Design:

Chen Tuo-fu

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