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River of Luminescent Reminiscence Display Zone

The "River of Luminescent Reminiscence " hi-tech art light zone is located on the south side of the Tainan Canal looking towards Anping Harbor. Five teams of tech artists encapsulate and present their memories and imagination of the century-old canal along the riverside, often referred to as the Seine River of Taiwan. Spanning several kilometers along the canal, these ten art installations combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest emerging AI trends, offering not only visually stunning experiences but also interactive fun for the public. Serving as both a canal-side theater and a romantic waterfront attraction, they infuse a sense of technological futurism into traditional lantern festivals. This not only highlights the soft power of a technologically advanced nation but also sparks boundless imagination for generations to come in redefining traditional celebrations. The history of Tainan, spanning four centuries, and the century-old canal have nurtured the free-spirited creativity of today's Taiwanese artists, enriching their elaborate and diverse creations. Akin to how the canal has witnessed Taiwan's vibrancy and development over the past century, the technological art festival along the Anping Canal in 2024 invites everyone to fully charge their smartphones, and join in experiencing the future shock and avant-garde brilliance brought by the technological artists through mesmerizing light and shadows of forward-thinking Tainan.

River of Luminescent Reminiscence Display Zone
  • 1
    《Infinite Scenery》-Peppercorns Interactive Media Art
  • 2
    《River Reflections》-Peppercorns Interactive Media Art
  • 3
    《Light Array》-Peppercorns Interactive Media Art
  • 4
    《Fission and Rebirth》-Peppercorns Interactive Media Art
  • 5
    《River of Luminescent Reminiscence》-Dynamic Signal(Po ching Chou, Kun Han Ho)
  • 6
    《Say “Hi” !》-Shih Fu Yu
  • 7
    《Time Corridor》-Chi Wu
  • 8
    《Ripples》-Shu Yu Lin
  • 9
    《Flows of Memories Past》-Dynamic Signal(Po ching Chou, Kun Han Ho)
  • 10
    《Praying for you》-Shu Yu Lin


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