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Tour by Sightseeing Bus
Besides city buses, there are also sightseeing buses that serve various routes; they include: Tainan Sightseeing Bus, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Taiwan Tour Bus, etc. With a combo ticket, you can visit all the attractions. To save you the hassle of planning, hopping onto a sightseeing bus may be a good idea.
  • Tainan Sightseeing Bus
    Tainan Sightseeing Bus stops at major historic sites and provides audio guide service in English, Japanese and Korean. Visitors can also take Tainan City Bus for free with the same day's ticket.
  • Taiwan Tour Bus
    Taiwan Tour Bus offers various types of half-day and one-day package tours. The tours are accompanied by a guide, who will introduce Tainan’s attractions and history to the passengers.
Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is a convenient tourist bus for touring in Taiwan. Visitors simply need to tap with their EasyCard or iPASS when boarding and alighting. Tainan currently offers 5 tour routes for visitors to choose from.
  • The West Coast Expressway (61)
    The West Coast Expressway links Xinying, Yanshui and the famous site of High-heel church in Budai, Chiayi cross-wise; it also passes through Expressway 61, linking the Crystal church in Beimen, the salt field in Jingzaijiao, Mashagou of Jiangjun, the salt mountain and the Salt museum in Qigu. While featuring the sites of culture of salt industry and attraction with romantic wedding photographing, this abundant route of tourism also covers gourmet foods, religious culture, history of salt industry, novelties and landscape of salt field.
    Visitors taking THSR may transfer by buses Yellow 9 – “Sinying - THSR Chiayi Station” and Orange 9 or Orange 9-1 “Sinying Bus Station - THSR Chiayi Station.”
  • Guanzihling route (33)
    The Guanziling Route connects attractions such as Guanziling Hot Springs, Jingliao Old Street, Baoquan Bridge, and Xiancaopu – Kiln Roasted Chicken Street. Starting from THSR Chiayi Station, passing through stations like Baihe and Houbi, it connects to areas such as Houbi, Baihe, and the Siraya National Scenic Area, forming a tourist route combining agriculture, culture and creative attractions, and hot spring experiences!
  • 88 Tainan Loop Route (Holiday Route) (88)
    The bus stops at the popular attractions in old Tainan distrct; tourists are able to board this route to visit the Confucius Temple, Hall 1 & 2 of Tainan Art Museum, Judicial Museum, Hayashi Department Store, Fort Provintia, and try various local Tainan snacks and delicacies at Youai Street, Guohua Street, Shennong Street, or Haian Road. With this rapid shuttle bus service, tourists will have the opportunity to visit popular attractions in the old Tainan district without having to worry about transportation.
  • Mountain Line & Museum Route (Holiday Route)
    Possessing relatively abundant and diversified historical heritage, natural landscapes, and local delicacies, Tainan has gradually become one of the first choices for domestic and foreign tourists in deep Taiwan experience.
    The mountains and hills of Tainan City occupy roughly 1/3 of Tainan’s area, where mountain leisure tourist attractions have been continuously consolidated and established in recent years, in order to promote mountain industries and invigorate the population of tourists.
    Concatenating museum tourism in nearby mountain area of Tainan, and integrating with attractions including the Tainan Shan-Shang Garden and Old Waterworks Museum, Tainan City Zuojhen Fossil Park, and Tainan Astronomical Education Area, visitors are able to embark on an intellectual mountain roaming trip in Tainan.
  • 99 Anping Taijiang Route (Holiday Route) (99)
    The service is focused on transporting tourists to the attractions in Anping District and Qigu District, which saves the time for tourists on waiting for buses to detour each attraction in the old Tainan district. This route dispatches buses from Tainan Park, and goes straight to Anping after passing through Koxinga Shrine, Confucius Temple, Hayashi Department Store, Fort Provintia, Zhongzheng Commercial District, and Eternal Golden Castle, then the extended route even goes northbound and arrives at the Sihcao Ecological & Cultural Area (Dazhong temple) and Cigu Salt Mountain. We hope to fulfill the needs of tourists when sightseeing in Tainan through this simplified route.
  • Ling Po-Guantian Line
    The Lingpo Guantian Line connects attractions such as Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, Wushantou Reservoir, Guantian Visitor Center, Longtian Culture Heritage Area, and Shanhua Brewery. Using the Xinying Bus Terminal and Shanhua Bus Station as transportation hubs, starting from Xinying Station, the bus passes through Guantian District, Liuying District, and Shanhua District, forming a tourist route perfect for family outings rich in natural and cultural experiences!
Yonghua Civic Center 708201 No. 6 Yonghua Road, Sec. 2, Anping District, Tainan City|TEL: 886-6-2991111
MinJhih Civic Center 730201 No. 36 MinJhih Road, Sinying District, Tainan City|TEL: 886-6-6322231
24-hour Citizen Service Hotline: 1999 (For those calling from outside of Tainan, please dial 06-6326303)