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The Luminous Tainan Display Zone

‘The Luminous Tainan’ reveals the inner glow amidst mountains and the sea.

The longer we live in Tainan, the more we can sense the poetic essence permeating through the everyday life of this city. In this place, culture takes root, history layers upon itself, and every subtle scene turns into luminousness and a timeless story, echoing throughout Tainan. 

Fucheng City (府城) was once known as the 'Phoenix City', which is not just for Flame trees ( 鳳凰木, the Chinese pronunciation is the same as Phoenix.) planted everywhere but also for the thriving commercial zone of Wutiaogang (五條港) during the Qing Dynasty. The city's terrain resembles a soaring high phoenix.

 In the 21st century, Tainan's gateway has shifted from its seaside harbours to the high-speed rail station. The 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival of High-Speed Rail Zone, located in the city portals within this expansive area, presents the theme of 'Showcasing Tainan's rich cultural heritage, its natural landscapes, and industrial brilliance.' The exhibition traffic flow follows the routes of Wutiaogang in the hope of splendid historical traces and elements that encapsulate memories of Tainan. This internationally acclaimed event invites visitors to experience the luminous Tainan.

The Luminous Tainan Display Zone
  • 1
    《Glitter on Salt Fields》-Wen Fu Yu
  • 2
    《Phoenix Eyes》-Agi Chen Studio and Studio M
  • 3
    《Drop of Light》-ASML
  • 4
    《Spatial Theater #4 - Photon Power》-Loudly Lightning Studio
  • 5
    《Celestials' Parade》-Jiun Ting Lin
  • 6
    《Light Alley with Memories》-Hozen Studio
  • 7
    《One can Find a World in a Flower》-Fo Guang Shan
  • 8
    《Light Field》-247visualart
  • 9
    《Temple: Flame Tree》-Cheng Tsung Feng
  • 10
    《Infinity Cube》-UxU Studio
  • 11
    《Sparkle》-UxU Studio
  • 12
    《Blossom》-Yi Ting Tsai
  • 13
    《Lingering》-TNNUA Graduate Institute of Architecture _ Group B
  • 14
    《Forest of Light》-Wei Zhen and Rui Heng Wang
  • 15
    《Between Mountains and Seas》-Peppercorns Interactive Media Art


Yonghua Civic Center 708201 No. 6 Yonghua Road, Sec. 2, Anping District, Tainan City|TEL: 886-6-2991111
MinJhih Civic Center 730201 No. 36 MinJhih Road, Sinying District, Tainan City|TEL: 886-6-6322231
24-hour Citizen Service Hotline: 1999 (For those calling from outside of Tainan, please dial 06-6326303)