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Tainan 400 Display Zone

During the Age of Discovery, major maritime powers rose and gradually embarked on exploration and colonization. Propelled by historical opportunities and chance occurrences, Tayouan (former name of region  in today’s Tainan) was discovered and developed, entering the global stage of trade. Taiwan caught the attention of Portuguese navigators, who exclaimed, "Ilha Formosa (beautiful island)!" Revealing its opening chapter to the world, Taiwan takes pride in its four centuries of historical grandeur and abundant cultural legacy. A genuine understanding of Taiwan starts with Tainan, as the four centuries in Tainan unmistakably symbolize the 400-year history and cultural fabric of Taiwan.
    Looking back on the four centuries of Tainan, it has experienced the dominance of the Dutch trading empire, Koxinga's pioneering settlements, Qing Dynasty's establishment of Taiwan as a province, and the modernization and development of the island under Japanese rule. Throughout these four centuries, substantial changes have swept across this land and Taiwan transcends being merely Taiwan; it encompasses the indigenous people, the Dutch, the Qing Dynasty and the Japanese. Crucially, it is now an integral part of the modern Taiwanese identity. While our history may appear tumultuous, it has bequeathed a vibrant and multifaceted heritage, ready for us to explore step by step.

   Reflecting on Tainan four centuries ago, the indigenous peoples deeply imprinted their cultural layers here. In the vast Dachakeng, where the Niuchouzai Culture flourished, and the Formosa sika deer roamed thousands of years ago, where the Zuojhen man and the Siraya people lived in harmony with the land. Drawing inspiration from the majestic central mountains embraced by the refreshing blue hues of the sea breeze, these communities collaboratively recorded and interpreted the unfolding of historical epochs. In the crossroads of land and sea that is Anping, diverse ethnic groups met, mingled, collided and accumulated, continually enriching the cultural landscape of Tainan.

   The artistic lantern zone of the Taiwan Lantern Festival originated in Anping District's Lin Mo Niang Park, and its return to the historical site after 19 years, coinciding with Tainan's 400th anniversary, holds even greater significance. Reflecting on Taiwan's progress over the last century, it mirrors the coming together and blending of diverse ethnic groups that occurred four centuries ago. The integration of ethnicities and promotion of cultural equality now stand as robust pillars supporting the development of modern society. Therefore, in curating the Tainan 400 Display Zone, we have specially invited internationally renowned artists representing diverse backgrounds, encompassing indigenous peoples, Hakka, Han Chinese, new immigrants, Japanese, Dutch, Indonesian and individuals rooted in Taiwan. Collaborating together, they infuse art with concepts of integration and continuity, creating a historical imagination that envisions harmonious coexistence and cultural sustainability for today, four centuries later, at Lin Mo-Niang Park.

Tainan 400 Display Zone
  • 1
    《Sailing with the wind》-Kuo Chang Liu and Wei Mu Lee
  • 2
    《Message from the ocean》-Horn Nan Jeng
  • 3
    《Time Bagel-Encircling Tainan for 400 Years》-Chih Wei Huang
  • 4
    《The Journey of Prosperity》-Yu Cheng Lin
  • 5
    《The Time》-Hsi Chun Lin
  • 6
    《Evolving》-Ming Lu Hung
  • 7
    《Nature Being》-Yun Chih Yu
  • 8
    《Paths of Contemplation》-Wei Ho Wang
  • 9
    《Sugar Island》-Mei Huei Huang and Yan Hong Wu
  • 10
    《The Floatable in Between Weaving and Breathing Roots》-Eleng Luluan
  • 11
    《Echoes in History's Tapestry》-UNIGIN INTERFIELD CO., LTD.
  • 12
    《Eternity Message》-Heidi Yei
  • 13
    《Infinite circle》-Wen Fu Yu
  • 14
    《The Endless Love Flow of Mother Earth》-Sapud Kacaw
  • 15-1
    《Floating Time》-Kudo Masahide
  • 15-2
    《Impression Of A Memory》-Dodog Soeseno
  • 16
    《Swallow time capsule》-Jen Hung Liang
  • 17
    《The sun and the moon》-Sugano Maiko
  • 18
    《The Transplanted Life》-Aichin Rao and Iming Mavaliw
  • 19
    《AB+ Yogurt-The Guardian Knight’s Heart》-AB+ Yogurt
  • 20
    《Reisui Milk-The Ninth Ship》-Reisui Milk


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