2024 Tainan Puji Lantern Festival


The 2024 Tainan Puji Lantern Festival, now entering its twelfth year, is set to expand its exhibition area. This year, a new traditional welcome arch entrance (pailou) will be added, along with the introduction of a themed art exhibition area. The exciting event will feature a mix of dynamic and static activities, including the "Celebrating Tainan 400: Leaping Fish and Soaring Dragon" lantern exhibition, the "Blossoming Beauty.Blooming Happiness" floral art exhibition, the "Toy Renaissance" toy design theme exhibition and the "Art Companionship” project achievement exhibition. Furthermore, there will be traditional festival performances such as puppetry shows, a concert featuring the 100-year Zhensheng Nanguan Ensemble, a Spring Festival Market where various cultural and creative products will be sold, lantern painting experiences, not to mention exciting Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival traditional lantern hands-on painting experiences.

In collaboration with artist Hung Yi, the main lantern exhibition work "Golden Dragon YO Fish" features the Golden Dragonfish from the artist's "Ocean Zodiac Series" as the annual mascot for the Year of the Dragon. This majestic and graceful creation embodies an incredibly splendid and prosperous ambience, with its entire body shimmering like a symbol of good fortune, wealth and prosperity, extending blessings for everyone to be safe, prosperous, joyful and happy.

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