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The Shining South

In the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival, the Chengnan Lantern Zone is centered around the temples of Tainan, connecting the lights of the temples and the heritage of the city. 

In earlier times, the temple courtyard (廟埕) was an important gathering spot for residents to connect, socialize, exchange information and for children to play games. In modern times, whether hosting religious celebrations or gathering of vendors, the temple courtyard continues to be a vibrant space accommodating various community activities. The theme of this lantern festival is "The Shining South." During the festival, people will navigate through the streets and alleys, participating in the celebrations held in the temple courtyard and enjoying the brilliant scenery created by the interweaving lights!

Gateway of Joy and Harmony
  • 1
    Flowing Courtyard Stories
  • 2
    Koxinga Ancestral Temple
  • 3
    Tian Tan,Tian Gong Temple
  • 4
    Chen De Jiu Family Hall
  • 5
    Chikanfriends Shopping District
  • 6
    Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple
  • 7
  • 8
    Grand Mazu Temple
  • 9
    Puji Temple
  • 10
    Shennong Street
  • 11
    Xiluo Temple
  • 12
    Half-Moon Sinking into the River
Boundaries of Fang River
  • 1
    Taiwanfu Cheng Huang (City God) Temple
  • 2
    Liuhejing Qingshui Temple
  • 3
    Liuhejing Youhangwei Fude Temple
  • 4
    Liuhejing Magong Temple
  • 5
    Kaiji Yonghua Temple
Red Tiles and Fragrant Breezes
  • 1
    Baoxi Daitian Temple
  • 2
    Rensho Temple
  • 3
    Guanmiao Shanxi Temple


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MinJhih Civic Center 730201 No. 36 MinJhih Road, Sinying District, Tainan City|TEL: 886-6-6322231
24-hour Citizen Service Hotline: 1999 (For those calling from outside of Tainan, please dial 06-6326303)